Amazon Turns up to The Machine Learning Camp Fire with Huge Bellows

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To date, most serious machine learning tools and efforts have been assembled around internal bespoke systems which have to make sense of insane amounts of unstructured data. Now¬†Amazon has unleashed Amazon Machine Learning, leveraging it vast resources which will integrate with it’s present suite of products and console.

Amazon is creating value once again by delivering a product which takes away a lot of the heavy lifting in assembling specialist teams for the machine learning efforts of enterprise, much like AWS has done for cloud services.

Dr.Matt Wood, General Manager of Data Science at Amazon says, “We heard loud and clear from customers that the saw a large opportunity of applying machine learning to the applications and the data they already have housed on AWS but they wanted to be able to do that with a lower barrier of entry as possible. They want it to be point and click easy so that all of the developers that interact with this data anyway can use machine learning to make predictions going forwards.”

Amazon’s product means that there are no servers to provision in order to use machine learning, you can train and optimise models on huge datasets, batch process predictions or put models into a real-time prediction API with a single click on a fully managed end to end service.

The Amazon console, as demonstrated briefly here, makes it extremely easy to build models, validate and optimize those models and adjust and tune it as a drag and drop operation before making predictions.

Budding Data Scientists, take note, this might need to be factored into your career planning.

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