Attention to Detail

We assist technology companies to deliver product visions by helping to assemble formidable teams.

We represent companies hiring at all levels from Junior Developers to Lead Engineers and CTOs.
Customers engage us for a variety of assignments from front end development and architecture, to distributed systems with dynamic and non-linear characteristics. Whatever the technical challenge, we are always mindful of individuals and interactions in addition to processes and tools.
Whilst writing code that should be a joy to inherit is important, Customer needs can often be complimented by Lean Software Development or Algorithm Design whilst also supporting a broad spectrum of practices such as Iterative and Incremental Development, Pair Programming and workflows with short feedback loops from Customer to codebase.
We are also keen to find out where the interests of people lie outside of the commercial sphere, from music to mathematics or meditation. It could give an insight into personal development rituals.
On the other hand, it’s just good to chat about stuff.

Snapshot of Technologies Employed by Customers