Addressing Microservices Monitoring Challenges with Spigo, Adrian Cockcroft

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Adrian Cockcroft left Netflix in 2013 as their Chief Architect and now works at VC firm Battery Ventures understanding the needs of Enterprise scale organisations whilst providing advice and guidance to cloud services companies to best service the need and the attraction for funding.

Cockcroft describes Microservices as ‘loosely coupled service oriented architecture with bounded context’ differing from SOA in that everything can be configured independently. This talk looks at a brief history of the emergence of Microservices and the quest for more speed and efficiency from snowflake data centres right up to AWS Lambda which runs code in response to events and is measured and billed in increments of a hundred milliseconds.

Herein lies the challenge in monitoring services that may have existed for an extremely short period of time across different regions, zones, areas, versions and instances on top of the hugely complex flow across services, failures and testing.

In less than ten minutes, Cockcroft hangs the challenges out to dry and hoses them down with a simulation tool he has written in Go which generates architectures which can be scaled up to 100,000 nodes in order to be stress tested for behaviours which can be used for monitoring tools.


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