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Tony Pujals gave a lightening talk this week at Baynode Meetup on Microservices, Containers and Node.js explaining the evolution of the way web applications have been built in recent years from a three layer monolithic stack and the limitations it presents in affecting continuous deployment, the impact on scalability and the overall adverse impact on developer coordination to current methods, APIs consumed by different device applications.

In an era where web applications rely more on separate services, which are ideally independently scalable, Pujas explains the distinction between SOA and Microservices and how the emphasis is on lightweight, based on REST and not requiring an ESB as well as the disadvantage of Microservices (go to 8:30)

The talk runs through how Node is able to break things up efficiently through NPM package management, which is now the largest package manager in the world allowing Node.js to fit in well with Microservices (go to 11:50) and how V8 delivers fantastic performance whilst also being a great fit for an end-to-end JavaScript stack before touching on containers (go to 18:00).


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