Software Engineering

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Scenarios where we are used often comprise complex systems with dynamic and non-linear characteristics which means that we focus on individuals and interactions rather than processes and tools.

Whilst clean well written code is prerequisite, our clients needs are also complimented by Extreme Programming and Lean Software Development whilst also supporting a broad spectrum of Agile practices such as Iterative and Incremental Development, Refactoring and Pair Programming.

We are also always keen to find out where the interests of people lie outside of the commercial sphere as we believe this can give a good indication of problem solving performance and approaches to work challenges.

DevOps/Systems Administration

We know that ‘DevOps’ can mean completely different things to different people and organizations but frequent releases mean that environments and set up often require the undivided stewardship of people that are able to understand business requirements, configuration and infrastructure as well as the developers mindset.

The people that undertake these roles vary considerably from SysAdmins to Engineers and teams that build bespoke enterprise level ecosystems, so we will often go to market based on requirements but our philosophy remains as true to Operations roles as it is to Developers and Automation Testers. That is, people with core agile informative values that demonstrate broad yet reasoned thinking, especially when responding to change.

For these roles, we’ll always look for a rich technical stack, especially Cloud Computing and a deep and demonstrable interest in coding.