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Across browsers, JavaScript has sped up hugely in recent years and now, most new Github repositories are written in JavaScript as opposed to Ruby. now aims to make it as easy to run devices that use JavaScript as running applications in the cloud by allowing you to deploy code to devices with a simple git push resin by using containers and the git version control system.

Initially Resin have targeted a small number of devices, Raspberry Pi, NUC and Beaglebone Black but the plan is to support further devices in the future.

For pushing JavaScript to a device with a micro SD card (formatted to Fat 32), the device just needs to be web connected. By entering your public key or importing it from Github via you can then create an app, download the Zip file, unzip it and expand the content onto your SD card.

Resin will install a custom Linux environment and establish a secure connection with it’s servers (go to 9:40) the device will appear on the dashboard with it’s logs. You can then clone a repo to Resin’s local drive using git clone. Adding resin as a remote repo with git remote add resin along with the repo’s url and running git push resin master will then download the code onto your device.

Resin’s documentation contains several sample projects which can be pushed to a range of devices performing different functions, cloud synchronised streaming radios, Resin CCTV and Text to speech Converter, which uses Google’s text to speech to get an audio stream of the supplied text.


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