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Moh Haghihat worked with the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, on the first just-in-time compiler as well as more recently leading Intel’s efforts in bring Single Instruction/Multiple Data (SIMD) to JavaScript with Google and Firefox.

In this talk at HTML5DevConf, Haghihat explains the prospect of bringing the full power of modern platforms to Javascript giving it the performance of native code.

Haghihat also talks about Perceptual Computing and the user being able to interact with computers using more intuitive interactions such as sound processing, face and gesture recognition which is considered to be the ‘next big thing’ in computing.

One of the key tools with these types of technologies are 3D cameras which is demonstrated during the talk with an entertaining virtual xylophone demo as well as ‘fruit ninja’ depth demonstration complete with splatted fruit sound effects. 3D depth cameras will soon be integrated into devices using Intel “RealSense” on PCs and tablets which allow for real-time object tracking on a web platform.

Finally Haghihat gives airtime for Intel’s XDK IoT Edition for JavaScript programming with Internet of Things (IoT). The kit utilises JavaScript to define behaviour of IoT devices as well as deploy, run and debug on devices.

Gaming is a huge part of this kit and Intel have added the ability to create games app projects in the kit to support Cocos2d, Pixi,js, EaselJS and Phaser.

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