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Alex Heneveld is the CTO of Cloudsoft, an open source application management company which aims to accelerate cloud adoption by providing a platform where businesses do not lose control but are still able to fully exploit the cloud.

At the Munich Couchbase Meetup in November, Heneveld spoke about the Apache Brooklyn project (go to 12:57) (currently the only automatic open source multi-cloud application management solution) and how it simplifies the modelling, deployment and management of applications as well as Clocker and Weave and how they can work together with Couchbase (go to 6:08).

Weave is a project by which lets services inside containers communicate with one another as if they are all connected to the same ethernet switch.

Cloudsoft created Clocker recently as an open source project which aims to solve some of the limitations of Docker and allows application blueprints to be deployed to a cloud of Docker containers.

Cloudsoft say that the blueprint is able to treat “Docker Cloud” as a set of virtual machines in a single location allowing Docker Cloud to make intelligent decisions about container provisioning to maximise performance and resource usage.

For open source contributions go to Weave and Clocker on Github.

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